Metal    925 Ayar Gümüş
Kenar    Tırtıllı
Çap    38,61 mm
Ağırlık    31,1 ±%1 g
Baskı    Proof
Maksimum Adet    3.000 adet/pcs.
Maksimum Satış Adedi    2.965
Nominal Değer    20 Türk Lirası
Tedavül Süresi    31.12.2020 - 31.12.2022


The Turkish Grand National Assembly is 100 years old. April 23, 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the opening of our Gazi Assembly, which is the center and headquarters of our nation's valiant resistance against invasion and occupation. We commemorate our beloved ancestors and heroic martyrs, who took a noble and courageous stance against all threats to the existence of our nation, with mercy and gratitude. This commemorative coin was printed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which is the symbol of our national sovereignty, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of our Gazi Assembly. Happy centuries.

₺599,00 Vat included

Protected Nature, Caretta Caretta, 1995, UNC

₺399,00 Vat included
Tarsus Çatalburun Dog Commemorative Coin - UNC, 2021, 1 Kurus
₺59,90 Vat included
  • 100 Lira Silver 0.925 Sterling-5.10 Gr Number of Mints: 1.000
    500 Lira Silver 0.925 Sterling-7.61 Gr Number of Mints: 998

₺1.799,00 Vat included

Commemorative Alpaca Coin With Fenerbahce Logo

₺119,90 Vat included