1. Can I return the product?

Yes, you can return the product you purchased from website within 14 days.


2. What are the return terms?

You can return the product you purchased within 14 days, the product's certificate, condition, originality, serial number, etc. provided that its features have not been tampered with, damaged or damaged.


How can I return the product?

3.1. By logging in, click "My Returns Requests" from the "My Account" section and fill in the "Create New Request" option.

3.2. Your return process is carried out subject to the laws of Turkey. After your return request is received by us, you can initiate the shipping process of the product if you meet the return conditions. In case of returning the product, we would like to remind you that the return shipping fee belongs to the customer.

3.3. Put the invoice with the products in one package.

3.4. After the product is shipped, the cargo information will be shared with the seller.


4. When is the refund be paid?

After the product reaches us, it is reviewed and the return process is made to the buyer's account. The reflection time on your card varies according to banks and is 7-10 business days.

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